Tickets – More Information

FAQ – Buy Your Tickets Online – in detail

    1. On the ‘Buy Online’ page find your show day (Friday or Saturday), and desired ticket type (Preferred, Adult, Senior,  …), and click the “Add To Cart ” button in that box.
    2. Verify that the “Your Shopping Cart” (near top of page) now has your purchases.
    3. To buy more than one (1) ticket, change the number in the Quantity box from 1 to 2 or more, and press Enter (the keyboard key).
      To remove a ticket type click the Trashcan button.
    4. Repeat for each day and ticket type you want, and verify that your Cart is correct.
    5. When the Cart has all your tickets, click the “Check out with Paypal” button.
      Don’t worry, if you forgot cousin Susy you can come back and buy more tickets later with a separate purchase.
    6. A Paypal page appears similar to


    7. Again, verify your ticket list and count is correct.
    8. If you have a Paypal account, click “Pay with my Paypal account” and follow the instructions as usual, and skip to step N.
    9. To pay with a checking account, use the “Bank Account” tab, and skip to step N.
    10. To pay with a Credit card (not associated with a Paypal account) , click the “Debit or Credit” tab, and fill in your card information, then click “Review and Continue”.
    11. Verify your information on a page similar to
    12. Note: Paypal does not allow a Credit Card already associated with a Paypal account to be used as a Credit Card purchase. Please use the corresponding Paypal account, or another Credit Card, or the Bank Acccount method to pay.
    13. If the information is (still) correct, click “Pay Now” to complete the purchase.
    14. Paypal sends you an email confirming the information above. Be sure to keep as a “Proof of Purchase”. Ignore the “Shipping address” –  see step P.
    15. Paypal forwards your order to the RB Chorale Ticket Committee, who sets aside your tickets. They will contact you if any issue arises.
    16. Pick up your tickets at the RB Chorale ticket table by the entrance to the venue (not the box office), starting one (1) hour before the performance on the show day, eg. at 6pm for a 7pm show. Tickets are NOT mailed to you.
    17. Online ticket sales are halted two (2) hours before each show, eg. at 5pm for a 7pm show, to allow for processing time.

Member Recognition

RB Chorale members are recognized for their effort in ticket sales. To alert the Ticket Committee that you bought tickets at the suggestion of a member, please email the Committee with the member name and ticket count, to
Thank you.