Scholarship Application 2015

RB Chorale Scholarship Competition Application

These links lead to the 2015 scholarship application form. The 2016 forms will be available in late January 2016.

View/Download the RB Chorale scholarship application form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
View/Download the application in Microsoft Word format.

Click link to view, or right-click and choose “Save Target as” to save a copy to your computer.

Your application package must include the following (typed is preferable):


  1. Your application form.
  2. A summary (under 300 words) written by you, describing your general and musical qualities and your scholastic plans. (If you indicate your talent in more than one musical instrument, please specify the one for the competition.)
  3. A letter (under 300 words) from a parent or guardian, that presents your family financial situation. (Failure to furnish a financial statement causes a reduction in evaluation points.)
  4. A copy of your high school scholastic record.
  5. Letters of recommendation from your music teacher, and a friend or school official.  Additional supportive documents may be included, as desired.

Place the above documents in a binder/cover folder and mail to
Leisl Sanchez, President of the RB Chorale
PO Box 227, Poway, CA 92074
Entry must be mailed on or before April  9, 2016.