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February 15, 2018

The RB Chorale, Inc. has granted Scholarship Awards for 44 years to San Diego students graduating from 43 different county high schools. In 2018 it again offers six (6) awards with a total minimum of $10,000. These awards go to musically talented applicants who plan to attend a college or university to further their education. Any solo musical performance is acceptable: voice, string, wind, percussion, or any other solo instrument.

The application deadline is April 21, 2018, and the awards are presented following a final competition at the RB Chorale shows on June 9 and June 10, 2018 at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts in Poway, CA. A minimum tuition award of $1,500 is assigned to each of three (3) participants at each show.

Finalist selection is accomplished by the following process:

  1. Applications are received by the RB Chorale, postmarked no later than April 21, 2018. The Chorale Scholarship Committee reviews each application and notifies each approved candidate by mail, of their time to appear for audition and interview.
  2. On Saturday May 5, 2018 the candidate auditions for the RB Chorale Board of Directors in Rancho Bernardo. The candidate MUST attend this one (1) day event – no exceptions. In case of a major schedule conflict, an advance request for a morning or afternoon time may be accommodated. The musical presentation is limited to five (5) minutes.
  1. Following the audition the candidate briefly interviews with the Chorale Scholarship Committee covering information submitted in the application.
  2. A point value system is applied to areas of musical talent, selection of material, showmanship, appearance, length of presentation, memorization and interpretation of music, scholastic record, financial need and future plans to further a musical education.
  1. Six (6) high-scoring candidates are notified of their selection as scholarship recipients.  From these, the Chorale Board assigns three (3) to perform and compete Saturday evening June 9 , and the other three on Sunday afternoon June 10, 2018. The amount awarded to each finalist is determined by a same-day audience ballot based on their performance in the show.

Note that recipient must be enrolled in an undergraduate music curriculum at an accredited college or university. Upon notice of enrollment from a proper school official, the RB Chorale forwards a check in the amount of the award, to the school financial office for credit to the student’s account. Scholarship Awards must be used within one year from date awarded.

Obtain a form from the RB Chorale scholarship application page , or from a school Career/Scholarship/Music Counselor. Or request a form from Keith Cheney at 858 748-1273, or Leisl Sanchez, Chorale President at 858 344-1123.

Please read CAREFULLY.

The application package must include the following items. Failure to furnish an item is cause for elimination or reduced evaluation points. A typed form is preferable.

  1. Application form
  2. Applicant written summary, up to 300 words, that describes general and musical qualities, plus scholastic plans. If talent is in multiple instruments, specify the one intended for the competition performance.
  3. Letter from a parent or guardian, up to 100 words, outlining the family financial situation.
  4. Copy of high school scholastic record.
  5. Letter of recommendation from student’s music teacher.
  6. Letter of recommendation from a friend or school official.

Place the above documentation in a cover folder and mail to

RB Chorale, Inc.
Attn: Leisl Sanchez, President
P.O. Box 227
Poway, CA 92074.

Postmarked no later than April 21, 2018

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Keith A. Cheney

Scholarship Chairman














Keith Cheney, Scholarship Chairman