Production Committee

The Production Committee wants you!

See Cloyd Bedke or Bob Carroll if you are interested in working on this fun and exciting committee – WE NEED YOU

The list is long but with a great committee one person does not do all the work –
with out you we can’t “Put on a Show”

Pat picks the music and names the show. That lights a spark. You be the Visionary!

*Schedules production meetings to review how best to present dance numbers, specialty numbers, soloists, and the Chorale in general.

*Creative session  – Production takes the theme and creates an image of the show.  This is where we make the difference.  This is fun!  With each song we sing – we lay out what can be done with each number.

*Recommends staging and blocking requirements for performers – in coordination with Pat to enhance her vision

*Attends rehearsals to become familiar with the proposed music, the song’s message, soloists assignments, choreography, etc..

*Develops set designs

*We use projections, visuals on the back screen that impact each number.                    Familiarity with Powerpoint and photo editing is helpful.

*Backdrops – (rented)

*Lights – enhance the show (rented)

*Secondary props and visuals that are line sets – decided in creative session.

*Risers – morning of dress rehearsal – arrange to pick up, set up and take down. Somewhat physical.

*Develops cues in support of audio, lighting, prop placement, backdrops, projections, staging, stagehand actions, mic’ assignments.

*Acts in the capacity of a stage manager by calling out performance cues as outlined above

*Meets with theater personnel to discuss technical requirements

*Mics and Sound Equipment – make sure enough mics in place and working.  Need to make sure there is enough equipment to service each musical #. Alan Fox is our ‘go to’ guy for this.

Day of Dress rehearsal/ show days

  1. Set up day – a ½ day to put the staging together before dress rehearsal
  2. Take down – after last show you will have helpers/committee to help. All materials belonging to chorale is returned to storage and rented items returned to vendors.  The Center is left clean.

Positions open:

Head Creative Director(s) and committee members.

It’s time to start planning this show – please step forward and help create the show!  You’ll love it!