Practice Music on iPhone-iPad-Android

How To Get Music Files Onto iPhone/iPad

You listen to our website practice music on your Apple smartphone, but you want to avoid using your data minutes to listen repeatedly via your expen$ive data plan! So you want to download once and enjoy over and over again. But you cannot download directly to your phone from any website, other than Apple iTunes, Google Play Music or similar sites. So here are the options …

– Use iTunes for Apple iPhone/iPad (iDevice)

The normal way to get music (and video) onto your iDevice
  • Download the file to your PC (or Mac) into the iTunes folder
  • Connect your iDevice to the PC using a USB/power cable *
  • Use iTunes to ‘Sync’ the files from the PC to the iDevice.

*With a WiFi desk/laptop, apparently can be done via WiFi, ie. no cable. For more help go to the Apple iTunes web site and wireless iTunes page.

– Use FileMaster to Download Direct to Phone
  • Download and install FileMaster from the Apple StoreFilemaster-Apple
“FileMaster – File Manager & Privacy Protection”
(5 stars, 284 reviews),  by Shenzen Youmi IT.
Free (full capability) or pay $2.99 for no Ads.
Read all about it here.
 For Android it’s “Go Filemaster” in the Google Play store; same free App.
How To Use Filemaster 
  • Open Filemaster app
  • Tap Downloads folder (optional)
  • Tap Browser (at bottom)
  • Type in, and go to
  • Go to Show Prep / Practice Music  (rbc/music)
  • Tap Download link on desired song
  • On popup, choose Download
  • Repeat for all desired songs
  • Files appear in FileMaster Downloads folder
 – Play Song in FileMaster (not iTunes)
  • Tap file in FileMaster folder, with or without WiFi (offline), just like iTunes.
Other Filemaker capability:
– Move Files to New folder
  • Tap More (o o o)
  • Choose ‘New folder’ and name it (eg) ‘RBC 2016 Spring’
  • Tap Home then Downloads folder
  • Tap in clear area of screen
  • Choose ‘Select All’
  • Tap and hold any file icon
  • Choose ‘Cut’
  • Tap Home then ‘RBC 2016 Spring’ folder
  • Tap clear area and choose ‘Paste’
  •  File(s) are now in RBC 2016 … folder
– Copy Files To Another iPhone/iPad/Android
  • Install on new, and start app on both devices
  • On file source iPhone (1):
  • Tap desired folder (like RBC…)
  • Select All or 1 file
  • Tap and hold select file
  • On popup, choose ‘Send to >’ and WiFi
  • When destination device (2) found 
  • Tap (2) ‘s name — notice checkmark
  • Tap ‘Send’ button
  • On (2) tap OK on ‘Receive’ popup
  • Done !
– Transfer Files From Phone to PC/Mac
  • Open app on source device (1)
  • Tap More / WiFi Transfer
  • Note IP address, eg. http:/
  • Enter into PC/Mac (2) browser URL/address window
  • Folder list from (1) appears
  • Choose one or more (noted with checkmark)
  • Click Downloads (at top, by Deletes)
  • Click ‘OK’ on popup ‘This operation …’
  • File, or multiple files in a .Zip,  appear in your local PC Downloads folder
 – Email File
  • Open app in iDevice/Android
  • Choose folder and then file(s), as when copying
  • Tap and hold file
  • Choose ‘Send to >’ and choose Email
  • A file arrives as an attachment to the Email