The RB Chorale, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

The major objectives of the RB Chorale are to:

1. Create an entertaining musical experience for the audience

2. Raise money for scholarships given to graduating San Diego county high school seniors who intend to major in music at a college or university.
The RB Chorale currently provides six (6) scholarships totaling $10,000.  This amount is dependent on the sum of chorale revenue via ticket sales and other fund raising activities, less the cost of the show venue and music preparation.

The RB Chorale is happy to receive direct donations to support our activity.  Give by credit card using the Donate button below, or mail a check to the RB Chorale, PO Box 28818, San Diego, CA 92198, made out to “RB Chorale, Inc.” and write “Donation” in the memo section of the check.

As the RB Chorale is a non-profit organization your donations may be tax deductible   (check with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility).

All donations are acknowledged in writing by the RB Chorale.

On the donate page please enter an amount, then choose a payment option:

1. Paypal – enter your Paypal login and password in the “Already have a Paypal” box, then Login.
2. Credit Card – enter your credit card information then click “Review Donation and Continue”.
Note:  a Paypal security policy does not allow a credit card already linked to a Paypal account to be used here. Please use Paypal in this case.
Thank you.

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